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Architectural Strategies

  • JDM Systems Consultants possesses nearly quarter-century standing as a benchmark provider of Integration and IT Solutions. This success story is attributed to the experience, dedication and expertise of its staff, and the exceptional ability to deliver end-to-end solutions from inception through implementation.

  • Our architectural approach is driven by our clients’ ultimate business solution, not the availability of a given package or product. Business Goals define our technology solutions; JDM’s solution architects' focus on business object associations and compatible technologies. The result are integrated, fully scalable, strategy-focused solutions.JDM is strongly focused on Mobile Application Technologies. We employ to-tier tools, methodologies and practices in the creation of innovative solutions on all hand-held and embedded mobile platforms. JDM presents comprehensive solution consulting services to guide organizations as their mobile model evolves.JDM’s focus is efficiency and flexibility in delivering significant returns on the investment and costs of your projects. We have proven time and again that our expertise, flexibility and people deliver unparalleled value to our extensive list of clients.

Mobile & Embedded Solutions

  • An overwhelming majority of mobile phone users keep their device within 10 feet of them at all times. Mobile technology has defined business and personal connectivity so profoundly that continuous innovation in this space is a necessity.JDM utilizes the latest methods and techniques for mobile software development. We give our customers the education necessary to make informed decisions to prevent the pitfalls of using closed platforms and frameworks which state they can deliver all the customer’s requirements.Off the shelf solutions typically can deliver 80%; getting the remaining 20% ends up requiring special skills, customization, or excessive effort, too often resulting in the project’s failure. Our experiences have shown time and again that open development platforms, resilient design patterns, and lithe methodologies create maintainable and cost effective mobile solutions. We stand by this model to consistently deliver successful projects,and measure ourselves by exceeding customer expectations.

Internet of Things


Professional Services Integration

  • JDM is not a product company. We integrate your software into your environment. Whether it is common, off-the-shelf (COTS) systems, bespoke-custom designs or a hybrid of each, our deep bench of experts will fulfill the promise of a successful integration strategy and execution.Our approach is to take an inventory of what solutions you have, your current technology road map and your stated goals. We’ll then perform and extensive evaluation and gap analysis. JDM personnel will then work with you to create a plan of action to choose any additional technologies needed, create timelines and develop a comprehensive plan of action to get the job done. Once all the plans laid down, we’ll put the needed experts in place, follow the schedule, and finish the job.

Business Intelligence

  • In today’s hyper-competitive environment, Business Intelligence and skilled specialists necessary to fill roles in this channel are vital to the continued profitability of the modern enterprise. JDM chooses its Business Analysts to work and thrive in this fast-paced workplace. We recruit individuals that possess the rare combination of technical, business and communication skills to make our clients successful. They have the ability to assemble, analyze and evaluate data and to anticipate and make appropriate, well-reasoned recommendations and decisions to support the business stakeholders and project teams.With subject matter experts in industries that include, but aren't limited to, Automotive, Financial, Retail, and Healthcare, JDM will provide the knowledgeable and seasoned resources you need.

Supply Chain Services

  • JDM recognizes that a globalized business environment affects your supply chain in ways that were inconceivable only a few years before. This new environment accelerates the need to react quickly and effectively to the changing dynamics of the supply chain industry. Whether you require project consulting, interim management, or supply chain emergency support, JDM Supply Chain Services will exceed your expectations.JDM engages in rigorous recruiting, selection, and engagement management to ensure consistent, high quality, resources that can be deployed rapidly to your organization. Our well-versed experts will quickly orientate to your facilities/process needs and deliver results in a timely manner.With the ongoing trend in lean operations and personnel, situations that require “all hands on deck” can severely strain your resources. JDM can bridge the gap and help resolve your emergencies in a timely manner allowing your enterprise to return to stable operations. Immediate deployment available to assist with your Supply Chain challenges including:

Warehouse/Inventory Management

  • Part Expediting/Follow-up

  • Process Improvement

  • Technology Facilitation through JDM’s Supply Chain Module

  • Organizational DesignSystems Support

Project Management

  • Our IT and project management services are unique because we understand both the technical side and the business side. Our project managers are experienced and skilled in the project management framework outlined in the PMBOK® Guide. They can support your team in all phases of the PM process including Project Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring/Controlling, and Closure. JDM can help your team understand and recognize the value added by following a project management process within your organization.We can support your organization with expertise you need regardless of the size and scope of your project management needs.

Supplier Management/Oversight

Logistics Network Design

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